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ESP8266 & Azure Eventhubs in Node

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Internetting all the Things with ESP8266 and Azure Event Hubs

Getting Started


Stream Analytics

SPI Levelshift

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Design here

Sampling Rate

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better arduino debugging

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using printf with this ref


Where the specifier character at the end is the most significant component, since it defines the type and the interpretation of its corresponding argument:

specifier Output Example
d or i Signed decimal integer 392
u Unsigned decimal integer 7235
o Unsigned octal 610
x Unsigned hexadecimal integer 7fa
X Unsigned hexadecimal integer (uppercase) 7FA
f Decimal floating point, lowercase 392.65
F Decimal floating point, uppercase 392.65
e Scientific notation (mantissa/exponent), lowercase 3.9265e+2
E Scientific notation (mantissa/exponent), uppercase 3.9265E+2
g Use the shortest representation: %e or %f 392.65
G Use the shortest representation: %E or %F 392.65
a Hexadecimal floating point, lowercase -0xc.90fep-2
A Hexadecimal floating point, uppercase -0XC.90FEP-2
c Character a
s String of characters sample
p Pointer address b8000000
n Nothing printed.
The corresponding argument must be a pointer to a signed int.
The number of characters written so far is stored in the pointed location.
% A % followed by another % character will write a single % to the stream. %


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    ESP8266 and FHEM

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    ESP User Manual




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