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RaspberryPi & 433

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Powershell Internals

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clock Juli 29, 2015 20:37 by author Administrator (WiFI, STM32 ARM Cortex M3)

DeviceHive (here) ESP8266

it will be extremely easy to get into your hands. DeviceHive has playground where everyone can create an instance of server and use it. From hardware you'll need board with ESP8266 and a tiny USB-TTL converter (regular price is about $2) and that is it. DeviceHive firmware contains own flasher utility for most popular OS - Windows, Linux and OS X which allows flash chip in one click! So it will be extremely simple even for beginners. Stay tuned and here will be articles with detailed description of getting started.


Spark Core

Encrypt web.config

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read settings

Complete List of Windows Development Tools

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