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Oracle Change Notification

clock Mai 31, 2014 19:44 by author Administrator

ODP.NET Database Change Notification, Part 1
ODP.NET Database Change Notification, Part 2

Oracle Data Provider for .NET  Bind Variables  Developer Guide

EF Documentation

clock Mai 31, 2014 19:42 by author Administrator


About coders

clock Mai 29, 2014 22:12 by author Administrator

Right out of a coders life

Wireless Home Router Automation

clock Mai 18, 2014 21:52 by author Administrator

here with OpenWRT

VideoCam on OpenWRT

USB Driver Utility

clock Mai 18, 2014 20:18 by author Administrator



Building a HID-Motion Sensor

clock Mai 18, 2014 19:53 by author Administrator



To learn more about the analog temperature-sensor solution, see:

To learn more about the digital motion-sensor solution, see:

Fast Android Communication with .NET

clock Mai 10, 2014 23:49 by author Administrator

Article and two with Messaging Framework Guide



For Android:[^]
For .NET:[^]


Android Emulator

Oracle change Notification

clock Mai 10, 2014 21:32 by author Administrator

Article using MVC & SignalR with WCF/SOA

Real Time Updates

2D Interpolation–Bezier curves

clock Mai 9, 2014 04:10 by author Administrator

Article Article2  CurveFitting

Accord Framework Samples

64 Bit Computing

clock Mai 4, 2014 20:15 by author Administrator

from answers

Character Codes Issues

clock Mai 3, 2014 02:46 by author Administrator

charsets tutorials


clock Mai 3, 2014 02:35 by author Administrator

here and for CSS

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