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MIT App Inventor

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Thermal Imaging

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article article2 IREye

The parts used were:
Melexis’s MLX90614?DCI ($52), Arduino microcontroller($30), powder-coated metal enclosure for Arduino($30), Hitec HS425BB x 2 servos($13×2), DDT500H for pan-tilt mechanism($25), plastic mount for servos($5), COM-08654 Laser module with digital controller($19)

VUSB without Interrupt

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Interrupt free VUSB at HackaDay and MicroNucleus



AVR-CDC (RS-232)

Graphing data from TEMPER

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AVR–SPI Communications Primer

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here to DAC


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FFT Filtering

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Arduino Ressource Map used by Arduino Functions

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Android Docs–Bluetooth

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Using REST as a command protocol for web-to-serial applications

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article  Rest

For a more detailed explanation, see Understanding REST or Building Web Services the REST way.

Serial to JSON in Node.js and Arduino

Gathering Sensor Data SensorNode


CAN Shield

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Android Beginners Guide

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Script your car

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here boards und Senseo


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Delphi Basics

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YUN–sketch uploader

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with PHP on project

.NET Source Code–RefeenceSource

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here with this details

Arithmetic Tutorials and Topics

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here for Sensor Smoothing

Polling analog temperature sensors once a second needed smoothing and I did not want to loose accuracy or take up Sram with floating point numbers so I chose to use intigers and multiply by 16 rather than 10 using the base formula:

Av n = Val n + (Av n-1)*15/16

It becomes 16Av n = 16Val n + 15(Av n-1) where I want to use (16AV n) further on in the programm to preserve accuracy

so using 16Av n as the variable in the code

becomes 16Av n =  (Val n << 4) + (16Av n-1)- ((16Av n-1)  >> 4)

It seems to work pretty well

Arduino Topics: TaskManager

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