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RIA Services und Windows 8 mit ODATA

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Skype Wifi

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Powershell Threading

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Article and project


DB-Tool for Oracle

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Visual Micro–Pros and Cons

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OK, let’s get this over with.  Your reaction to this is probably one of 3 things:

1. Oh great, Microsoft.  How much is that going to cost me?

2. Oh great, Microsoft.  How long is that going to take me to learn?

3. #@*&! Microsoft!!!! You expect me to use a closed-source, over-engineered hairball sold by a shameless monopolist to cubicle-dwelling corporate drones??

Yes, Visual Studio is bristling with menus, toolbars and windows, but you can safely ignore 95% of them, just like you already do in Microsoft Word. The remaining 5%  of these features will, on the other hand, save you a ton of time.

Win 8–The list of Shell Commands

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Full List by ClassID

  • Desktop gadgets and sidebar for Windows 8.1 and Discontinued Gadgets and how to protect
  • Speed up your Windows startup with these tricks
  • How to unlock the hidden display off timeout for the Lock screen in Windows 8 and Windows Blue
  • Unlock the hidden Lock Screen Slideshow (Picture Frame) feature in Windows 8.1 aka ‘Blue’
  • How to change a Windows theme from the command prompt

  • Windows 8 – Getaktete Internetverbindung

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    Blog and FAQ

    Embedding IronPython in WPF

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    S-Blog Engine

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    Dynamic VB.NET Code

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    Arduino Boot Cloner

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    Bootloader on ATMega 8 or 168

    Programmers2 pin compatible with avrusb500 which implements the newer and saner stk500v2 protocol.  source

    MegaISP wiring

    VisualMicro Debug

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    building own resources

    ebooks in en

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    E-Book Gallery for Microsoft Technologies

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