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Infosammlung zu .NET- Programmier-Themen & Elektronik

SQLServer Data Tools

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Process control

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practical process control


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Grundschaltungen in der Elektronik-Ecke


Introducing JSON

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JavaScript Object Notation

Raspberry PI - Webcam

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With Motion

With ffserver

Serial LCD datasheet (textstar serial lcd from here)

Free DNS-client

Dangerous Prototypes

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Wire Art


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eHealth Hardware Overview

AVR -Powerswitch

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GTK-GUI with this Hardware

Having fun with 8 Bit AVRs

Raspberry Pi Alternativen?

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FXI Cotton Candy 189€

MK802 für 60€ und Android here to buy and MK802 II MK803 III

Android 4.0 Mini PC

WIN8 pinned Tile

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personalized Tile

Silverlight Weight Tracker

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IIS + HTTPS on a DEV machine

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Setting up HTTPS


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Raspberry Pi Erfahrungen

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Installation RasPi-Hub

Sammlung & Guides & Tutorials


Mono Runtime Install for C# and VB.NET WinForms Tutorial

- mono-runtime
- mono-vbnc (if you want VB support)

Mono Project

Reading GPIO

VNC - Setup for automatic start

Wiring PI (Arduino like) Pins Quick2Wire

RTB Basic (Return to Basic)

LCD + BreadBoard-Anpassung  & Temperature Sensors



.NET Hello World this way

I2C and GPIO Basics

GuestAdditions in VirtualBox or QEMU

Shell Python

Windows Emulation

xrdp – RemoteDesktop (xrdp sesman)

Getting started wit Databases VistaDB

Schematics Pin Numbering 



Pin Numbers RPi.GPIO Raspberry Pi Name BCM2835
P1_01 1 3V3  
P1_02 2 5V0  
P1_03 3 SDA0 GPIO0
P1_04 4 DNC  
P1_05 5 SCL0 GPIO1
P1_06 6 GND  
P1_07 7 GPIO7 GPIO4
P1_08 8 TXD GPIO14
P1_09 9 DNC  
P1_10 10 RXD GPIO15
P1_11 11 GPIO0 GPIO17
P1_12 12 GPIO1 GPIO18
P1_13 13 GPIO2 GPIO21
P1_14 14 DNC  
P1_15 15 GPIO3 GPIO22
P1_16 16 GPIO4 GPIO23
P1_17 17 DNC  
P1_18 18 GPIO5 GPIO24
P1_19 19 SPI_MOSI GPIO10
P1_20 20 DNC  
P1_22 22 GPIO6 GPIO25
P1_23 23 SPI_SCLK GPIO11
P1_24 24 SPI_CE0_N GPIO8
P1_25 25 DNC  
P1_26 26 SPI_CE1_N GPIO7


Webcam & peripherals & Projects

ArchLinux here and HowTo Install

Quick Install Guide Wiki 


How to Setup Samba Installing Samba

Configure remote Access


Power Supply

Arduino on Raspberry 

sudo apt-get install arduino


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install fpc
sudo apt-get install lazarus
sudo apt-get install libfbclient2


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Running multiple FreeRTOS tasks on AVR

Rasberry Pi

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Low-Level Preipherals

GPIO-Pads Control

How to wrap a native Class for use in C# Native and .NET interoperability

Arduino on Top of RasPi


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Way to Lambda


VS XML Visualizer

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XML Visualizer

Visual Studio Plugin Installation

Only the compiled DLL, XmlVisualizer.dll, is required to run and use XML Visualizer v.2.

Place XmlVisualizer.dll in:

  • My Documents\[Visual Studio version]\Visualizers, e.g.: My Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Visualizers (for Visual Studio 2012)
  • If the Visualizers directory doesn't exist, then create it manually.

    WCF by Example

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    Getting started with GIT and GitHub on Windows

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    Introduction and Intro

    Installing Git (Book)

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