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WMI Scripting

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Using WMI

WMI Tasks


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Tricks for VS2010

Managed Lib for Wii Remote

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WP7 API Namespace


OMNIA 7 Wiki

ADO Classic - W3C

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Tutorials & Programming Samples & Access Limitations


Index of FunctionsDescription

ShowSchema()List the tables AdoRecordsetExample()

Open a recordset CreateViewAdo()

Create a new query

ModifyViewAdo() Modify a query

ShowBand() Illustrate the BAND operator with literals. (ADO only.)

TestBnot()Illustrate BNOT (binary NOT) operator (ADO only.)

TestBand()Illustrate BAND (binary AND) operator. (ADO only.)

ShowUserRosterMultipleUsers()List the users currently connected to the database.

UserCount()Count the number of distinct users connected to the database.

ExecuteADO()Execute an action query with ADO, and know how many records were inserted/deleted/changed


Handling Concurrency in ADO.NET


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tipps  converting



Comparison MSAccess and Oracle SQL


BlogEngine and FTP

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Manage FTP with BlogEngine

Adding WP7 Support to BE

web.config 1*1

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Web.config 1 mal 1

IIS Brasil

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FTPVoyager + new IIS FTP Server 

FTP & LogParser

WebDAV Tutorial

WebDAV-Redirector Code

  • WebDAV Extension - Video Walkthrough
  • WebDAV for IIS 7.0
  • How to Use WebDAV Locks
  • What's New for WebDAV and IIS 7.0

  • WLW Troubleshoot

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    WLW and Fiddler

    WP7.5 SDK

    clock Oktober 23, 2011 04:44 by author Administrator

    Download link und Übersichtsseite

    Soft Skills

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    GPS–Wege und Punkte

    clock Oktober 23, 2011 02:23 by author Administrator

    GPS Karlsruhe


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    WP7 Specials

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    Command line and scripting

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    WMIC  What is it

    Commandline reference


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    HowDoI Powershell V2

    ASP.NET Configuration Overview

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    Win2K8R2 Server

    Claim based Authentication and WIF

    clock Oktober 18, 2011 06:10 by author Administrator


    Enterprise Lib

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    Active Releases

    Bcdedit Tips and Tricks For Debugging

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    BCDEdit Reference

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