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Testing Webservices

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iPhone Oszilloskop

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IIS Web site deployment

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made easy


Deploy Database

Extented Protection for Authentication

Enable Tracing

Trace Viewer

Working with user names and roles in Silverlight

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WCF RIA Services

Guide deploying RIA Services Solutions

Usernames and roles inn Silverlight Applications

Authentication, Roles and Profiles

Walkthrough:Using Authentication Service with Silverlight Business Application


Install RIA Services on the Web Server

The RIA Services assemblies must be available on the Web server. It is recommended that RIA Services be installed on the Web server that will host your application. If this is not an option, due to lack of permissions or some other issue, you can also make them available on the Web server by either including them in the bin folder of your project when it is published or by installing them in the global assembly cache (GAC).

  • Bin Deployment

    When deploying your application, one option is to include the RIA Services assemblies in the bin folder of your project. To do this with in Visual Studio, you must select each of the Web project assembly references in the Solution Explorer that must be included and set the Copy Local property to True in the Properties window. The two assemblies that must always be included are

    • System.ServiceModel.DomainServices.Server.dll

    • System.ServiceModel.DomainServices.Hosting.dll

    Setting these property values to True results in the assemblies getting copied to the bin folder the next time you build the solution. When the assemblies are copied to the bin folder, they will be copied to the Web server when you publish the site.
  • If you are using Entity Framework to access a database, then you will also need to add a reference to the System.ServiceModel.DomainServices.EntityFramework.dll assembly.
  • If you are using LINQ to SQL to access data, then you will need to add a reference to the Microsoft.ServiceModel.DomainServices.LinqToSql.dll assembly.
  • GAC Deployment
    Instead of copying the RIA Services assemblies in the Bin folder of every project that uses them, you can install the assemblies in the GAC. Any assemblies in the GAC are available to every application on the server. This approach is easier to maintain because an assembly only needs to be updated in the GAC instead of every Bin folder.

    To install the RIA Services assemblies in the GAC on a Web server, run the following command.

    msiexec /i RiaServices.msi SERVER=TRUE

Modulare WPF-Anwendungen erstellen?

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Caliburn Micro & WAF

Source Lines of Code in Powershell

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empty lines and comments are excluded
(dir -include *.cs -recurse | select-string "^(\s*)//" -notMatch | select-string "^(\s*)$" -notMatch).Count

Brief description of what all parts are doing:

  • dir -include *.cs -recurse : Lists all *.cs files, you can add additional extensions using a comma.
  • select-string “^(\s*)//” -notMatch : Exclude comments.
  • select-string “^(\s*)$” -notMatch : Exclude empty lines.

Checking Log4Net logs

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Programmatically check Log4Net log

MVVM Pattern in Silverlight

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Silverlight Themes

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Theme pack for Silverlight Business Application Released!! - @deepeshm - Site Home - MSDN Bl

Windows Application UI Development (Windows)

Silverlight 4 Windows7 Theme (Download details Silverlight 4 Application Themes)

Windows 7 Theme


400 Lines of Data Happiness

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Massive 400 Lines of Data Access Happiness

Favorite Helpers for ASP.NET MVC

SubSonic All Your Database Are Belong To Us

The 5 Minute Demo - SubSonic  Tome

Simple Repo 5 Minute Demo - SubSonic  Tome

WEBMatrix – Publish your wesite

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Publish Your Website  Using WebMatrix Beta  WebMatrix Beta  The Official Microsoft IIS Site

6 - Displaying Data in a Grid The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site

  • 1 - Getting Started with WebMatrix and ASP.NET Web Pages
  • 2 - Introduction to ASP.NET Web Programming Using the Razor Syntax
  • 3 - Creating a Consistent Look
  • 4 - Working with Forms
  • 5 - Working with Data
  • 6 - Displaying Data in a Grid  (Video)
  • 7 - Displaying Data in a Chart (Video)
  • 8 - Working with Files
  • 9 - Working with Images
  • 10 - Working with Video
  • 11 - Adding Email to Your Web Site
  • 12 - Adding Search to Your Web Site
  • 13 - Adding Social Networking to Your Website
  • 14 - Analyzing Traffic
  • 15 - Caching to Improve the Performance of Your Website
  • 16 - Adding Security and Membership
  • 17 - Introduction to Debugging
  • 18 - Customizing Site-Wide Behavior
  • ASP.NET API Quick Reference
  • ASP.NET Web Pages Visual Basic
  • Program ASP.NET Web Pages in Visual Studio

  • Understanding WebMatrix Helpers using Visual Studio's Object Browser

    WebMatrix - Creating a custom Silverlight Helper

    ASP Net Controls in Silverlight 3 (ASP.NET Projects - Release ASP.NET Server Controls for Silverlight – Samples)

    Displaying a Table of Database Data (MVC)

    Create Silverlight Master – Detail UI Using Data Sources Window Object DataSource - WPF & Silverlight Designer

    Video Overlaying HTML and Silverlight Content
    Walkthrough Taking a Tour of RIA Services


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    kostenlose Svchost Prozess Analyse - verdächtige svchost.exe Dienste überprüfen

    Installing Wordpress on SQLServer

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    Installing WordPress on SQL Server « WordPress on Microsoft

    Installing IIS 7.0

    Introducing IIS Express - ScottGu's Blog

    Introduction to Web Application Projects

    IIS Server Side

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    IIS 7.0 Server-Side  Creating IIS7 sites, applications, and virtual directories




    Tips for Classic ASP developers on IIS7  BillS IIS Blog  The Official Microsoft IIS Site

    Creating a simple webfrontend to IIS7 - Apache & IIS Configuration


    14 - Analyzing Traffic The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site

    PHP with IIS7

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    PHP with IIS7

    Entity Framework Introduction

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    Get started:

    Entity Framework team blogs:

    Some individuals (inside and outside Microsoft) who blog about EF:

    MSDN Magazine:

    .NET Framework 4 webcasts:


    Forums / Places to Ask Questions:

    Web Application Introduction

    Register your App to Windows.Live

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    Connect to Windows.Live

    Developer Guide

    IIS – Analyze Requests

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    Analyze requests to your website

    Installing IIS7


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    LINQPad neu

    SQL Server Compact and ASP.NET 4.0

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    SQL Server Compact 4.0 and ASP.NET 4.0

    SQLCE - Tools

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