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Understanding IIS Bindings

clock Januar 31, 2011 00:18 by author Administrator

Link  & Overview

Enable Serverside

Smallest .NET & Scott Hanselman

clock Januar 30, 2011 17:15 by author Administrator

Article from Scott Hanselman

TextAnalysis Tool .NET

clock Januar 30, 2011 04:45 by author Administrator


Trick: Kommando-Console zum Übernehmen vom Output ins Clipboard

clock Januar 30, 2011 03:52 by author Administrator

c:\>dir /w | clip

SQLite – System.Data.SQLite

clock Januar 29, 2011 17:22 by author Administrator


ADO.Net 2.0 Provider

Entity Framework Query Samples


  • EFSampleProvider
  • EFOracleProvider

    ADO.NEt Entity Framework & Linq to Relational Data

  • Testing with NHibernate and SQLite

    clock Januar 29, 2011 17:19 by author Administrator



  • NHibernate (obviously)
  • SQLite binding for .NET get the full version (not managed-only)
  • SQLite itself scroll down to Precompiled Binaries For Windows and grab the sqlitedll version.

  • Thinking about revision control

    clock Januar 29, 2011 17:07 by author Administrator

    Mercurial revision control

    Git tooling for .NET Developers

    TortoiseGit & HowTos (TortoiseGit + msysgit + CopSSH + WindowsXP as server)


    XML Data Editor

    clock Januar 24, 2011 06:39 by author Administrator

    XML Data Editor

    Controlling Serial and Parallel Ports in C#

    clock Januar 24, 2011 06:36 by author Administrator



    clock Januar 22, 2011 21:50 by author Administrator


    WPF: Creating the same program in WinForms and WPF

    clock Januar 22, 2011 21:04 by author Administrator


    .NET 3.0 WPF Tools and Examples

    This article will cover:

    1. Cider
    2. Brief discussion on the CIDER Visual Studio add-in, which enables VS users to create XAML designs simply by using drag and drop from the toolboxes, as we would for a .NET 2.0 project.

    3. Expression Blend (previously Expression Interactive Designer, and codenamed Sparkle)
    4. Brief introduction into what Expression Blend looks like.

    5. Using Expression Blend to create the demo application (attached)
    6. Dissection of the demo app, and how it fits with Blend.

    7. Visual Studio 2005 integration
    8. Taking a project from Blend (EID, Sparkle) into Visual Studio 2005. This should be enough to get us going, so let's march on.

    9. The code


    Introducing CIDER & Download


    My thanks to Sacha Barber




    Guide to WPF

    ARDUINO – Working with Shift-Registers

    clock Januar 22, 2011 20:56 by author Administrator




    Simplified SQL-CSV Import/Export Tool

    clock Januar 22, 2011 20:54 by author Administrator


    Logging Unhandled Execptions in ASP.Net with EnterpriseLib 5

    clock Januar 22, 2011 20:52 by author Administrator

    Logging Unhandled Exceptions in a ASP.NET WEBsite

    WPF: XMLDataProvider TWO-WAY Databinding - Enhanced

    clock Januar 22, 2011 20:49 by author Administrator

    Article & Article2

    [C++] Creating import Lib from a Dll with header file

    clock Januar 22, 2011 20:48 by author Administrator



    Profiling of C++ Apps with C# Viewer


    clock Januar 22, 2011 20:46 by author Administrator

    Self tracking Entities and WCF Services

    A quick guide to Silverlight Ribbon Control

    File Flitter

    clock Januar 22, 2011 20:44 by author Administrator


    Showcasing Cinch MVVM Framework / PRISM 4 Interop

    clock Januar 22, 2011 20:41 by author Administrator


    Windows Live Writer 2011

    clock Januar 17, 2011 00:39 by author Administrator


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